The Super Linear Concurrent Architecture

The Super Linear Concurrent Architecture:
50% Pipeline Efficiency using Real-Time AI

A real-time AI powered concurrent memory access system can achieve 50% pipeline efficiency
by reducing data exceptions in a multicore CPU

  • A single-layer unified cache system with a protocol for all pipelines that uses a predictive MMU looking ahead at the data needed by all pipelines and then preparing it in advance
  • Multiple 100bps data lanes offering ultra-high speed and ultra-high bandwidth memory access
  • An active memory system designed for all types of memory access behaviors from up to 64 processor pipelines
  • A tightly coupled concurrent multicore CPU and the real-time AI memory system for instant data access

The Super Linear Concurrent Architecture:
Three Layers of Real-Time AI Memory System

  • There are 3 layers in Revatron’s real-time AI memory system design with each layer requiring different modification levels in a multicore CPU
  • Layer 1: No modification in multicore CPU Add a unified cache and predictive DDR controllers in the main memory system to increase the page hit percentage in DDR memory
  • Layer 2: Memory System Modification Remove L1 and L2 cache and replace MMU with one powered by real-time AI to enable predictive access of DDR
  • Layer 3: Pipeline Modification Add variable handling in the pipeline to increase efficiency even when data is not locally available