• Development System (Shipping)

    ・The development system consists of synchronized 3D camera designed by Socionext and Xilinx development boards.
    ・It is used for PoC (Proof of Concept) designs and product developments.
    ・Revatron has delivered the development systems to major customers in automobile industrial and major cloud companies.
  • AI 2.0 Module (End of 2018)

    ・A module consisting of Socionext A11 processor, Socionext camera chip, and Xilinx FPGA.
    ・A compact size deign may fit into numerous applications
  • AI 2.0 Chip (Mid of 2019)

    ・A high performance and low cost AI 2.0 chip with programming ability.
    ・Designed for wide range of applications for both data center and consumer products.

Revatron is actively working with industrial leaders
for developing real-time AI products for high volume production meeting customer demands.