Magixia Chip
Two Major Function Blocks of Magixia Chip

DOORs Engine (Direct Object Oriented Reality System)

  • Real Time 2D to 3D Conversion
  • 4K Depth Map at 60fps Speed
  • Video of Moving Objects
  • Video of Stationary Objects
  • Free View with Point Cloud
  • Contour Maps

Algorist (Ultra High Speed Hash Processor)

  • 128 Giga SHA-256 per Second
  • Real Time Data Processing on DDR4/5
  • Data Compression and De-Duplication
  • Tapestry Exchange
  • Block Cyphering
  • Programmable ASIC Cells

Magixia Chip – An Ultra High-Speed Reality Data Processor

  • Less Than 50ms Internet Roundtrip Delay
  • Low Latency 4K Video Compression Within 3ms
  • Real-Time Data Compression on DRAM and Internet Buses
  • Hardcoded Network Interface against Any Type of Tempering
  • All Interfaces Operating Simultaneous Without Waits by Concurrent Bus Architecture
  • Forward Error Correction on All Network Transactions

Magixia Chip – Block Diagram