Camera “See and Tell”-Sending Text Messages of What it Sees

DOORs technology delivers text descriptors of what a camera sees to a cloud facility or users. It uses an AI engine to inform people on what it has observed. DOORs camera provides this useful information privately and securely.

  • Revatron’s revolutionary camera design is based on proprietary DOORs (Direct Object-Oriented Reality system) technology, a real-time AI solution focusing on machine learning and 3D reality modeling.
  • The DOORs camera can support from one to three camera inputs for the 3D measurement.
  • The DOORs camera’s passive design learns the 3D depth information from the triangulation of multiple synchronized camera inputs.

DOORs – Entrée to the World of AI

DOORs (Direct Object-Oriented Reality) is a revolutionary method for describing images, videos, 3D data, and any other object in the world. This object-based data system converts all information to descriptors which accurately capture objects’ positions, movements, 3D structures, and behaviors. This data system, which is designed for both machines and humans, performs conversions using a real-time AI engine which has an advanced learning ability to improve accuracy, proficiency, and efficiency.

In the very beginning, humans used drawings and writing to record things. Then about two hundred years ago, the camera was invented and pictures were the most advanced technique to record images until the video camera was introduced about hundred years ago, adding movements and time into the pictures. Now that another hundred years has passed, AI is increasingly joining our daily lives by learning our world’s sounds, pictures, and videos, opening the path for DOORs to welcome in the era of AI.

DOORs technology consists of three major portions: 3D capture, 3D modeling, and 3D rendering. DOORs 3D capture gathers details on the object in view for information collection beyond what standard video capture can provide. DOORs 3D modeling use object information gathered by DOORs 3D capture to model reality digitally inside computers using a time scale that includes their movements and changes over time. DOORs 3D rendering recreates the reality modeled by DOORs 3D modeling in a way that users desire.

DOORs technology creates the New Reality Era, where information collection, processing and responses enable unprecedented services and experiences. This approach enables hyperscaler cloud infrastructure providers to quickly and easily enter new industries and markets by providing a far more advanced and enjoyable experience that leads to increased sales and profitability. The hyperscaler cloud providers are in the best position to take advantage of the New Reality Era due to their existing infrastructure investments. However, these elements currently don’t have the critical DOORs-enabled servers and cameras that are needed to enter into the New Reality Era.

Revatron will provide the first DOORs-enabled cameras and cloud video servers in the world, creating a de-facto DOORs standard. The DOORs technology will deliver text descriptors of what a camera sees to a cloud facility, using an AI engine to securely and privately communicate what it has observed. Revatron will use this first mover advantage along with their unique differentiated technology to control the DOORs standard and will leverage this to always lead in designing and developing next generation DOORs-enabled devices.

Revatron can do this for the cost-effective technology already exists and is proven in volume commercial and defense deployments.

DOORs Technology for Machine Vision

  • Direct Object Oriented Reality System (DOORs) includes real-time 3D capture, 3D modeling and 3D rendering.
  • The DOORs Camera System is a 3D capture device for machines consisting of one or multiple lenses that generate object information rather than videos
  • The DOORs Camera System generates 3D depth, contour video, motion and stationary objects, and point cloud with free view in real time
  • The DOORs 3D Modeling System combines point cloud images from both time and space domains to increase precision and accuracy
  • The DOORs 3D Rendering System can render real-time free views based on viewer preferences

DOORs 3D Camera System

  • Multi-camera streaming input
  • High resolution, high frame rate
  • All video stages completed in hardware
  • Instant 3D view!
  • Scalable to MANY video camera sets

3D Capture using DOORs 3D Camera System

  • Multi-camera streaming input
  • High resolution, high frame rate
  • All video stages completed in hardware
  • Instant 3D view!
  • Scalable to MANY video camera sets

How It Works – DOORs 3D Camera System

Stereo Camera

The object distance can be determined by triangulation using a stereo camera
The distance between two cameras (W) may be varied for better measurement

The 3D structure of the survey field can be measured by multiple 3D images taken at different positions on the travelling path

Stealth radar can easy separate moving objects from stationary ones in real-time through inter-frame filtering
The adaptive filtering can identify objects above a certain moving speed

Stealth alterable instant radar may track camera movement automatically in real-time
Motion data can be combined from GPS or other positioning devices to generate a precise 3D map of moving and stationary objects