• Camera “See and Tell” - Sending Text Messages of What it Sees

Revatron is a leading AI solutions company focusing on developing revolutionary real-time AI applications. Revatron was founded by a team of veteran pioneers in large-scale computer chip design to exploit the breakthrough design and performance characteristics of their latest innovations in the real-time artificial intelligence world.

Revatron has successfully demonstrated its innovative prowess by delivering, deploying and commercializing disruptive technology, including:

– A real-time AI powered end-to-end network transmission system that can deliver video and data across the Internet in less than 50ms by learning the Internet traffic and then optimizing network packet sizes and session settings.

– A real-time AI powered camera system that can learn objects’ depths and motion within 1ms from stereo images using a learning engine on each video frame.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made an announcement of Revatron 3D technology in Intel ISDF 2016.
Revatron technology was also presented in ISDF 2016 showcase.